So, once again Mr. Gavin Newsom is violating the U.S. Constitution. He took an oath when he was sworn in as governor that he would defend and protect that Constitution, but apparently he is not aware that the U.S. Constitution orders each state to provide for a federal form of government for all of their citizens. Apparently, he is not aware that the office of governor is the executive branch of the government and not the legislative. All the executive branch can do is enforce the laws that are passed by the legislative branch.

Somehow, he has come to believe that he can unilaterally issue proclamations (ordinances) that are legally binding. May I remind the readers that something has to be a law in order for you to be charged with any violation of said law. Ordering something to be done just because you think you have the power to do so is not constitutionally legal.

Mr. Newsom (and a whole lot of unqualified 'geniuses') think that a face mask will keep you from sharing viruses with other people. What about the viruses that attach themselves to your clothing? Is there some shield on your clothes that kills or keeps the germs away. And what about gloves? If you are positive for COVID-19, and you put the mask on, are you not touching your face? No store that I know of requires people to wear surgical or latex type gloves. Why not?

It is best to remember this — all evil (and tyranny) is a result of good people acting like sheep and doing nothing.

As a former formal logic instructor, and a government and economics teacher, I give Gavin Newsom an F — for both logic and government.

Larry Trapp, Tehachapi

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