On July 13, Greenbriar Capital was given a six-month extension to present the final Environmental Impact Report for Sage Ranch. According to the preliminary report from July 2019, some "potentially significant impact" issues were detailed.

The community needs to be made aware of these issues for our future's sake. All areas of hydrology and water quality, population and housing, public services, transportation and traffic, utilities and service systems, and air quality were designated matters of significant impact. That's our ground water and water drainage. Unplanned population growth means extensive new roads and infrastructure. There will be an increased demand for fire and police protection, schools, parks and all public facilities. We sure need more traffic and related air pollution! Where will all the increased garbage and wastewater go?Why should our lovely mountain home become the huge bedroom community for Edwards Air Force Base? Two hundred pre-sold homes? Really? The 2019 preliminary EIR states the population increase will be approximately 2,630 people. Go on the internet and read it for yourself.

I for one want Tehachapi to grow. But this type of growth is unrealistic. Like good wine, we need to mature slowly so we can keep our sparkling bouquet. Don't turn us into vinegar by hurrying the process.

Cherrill Gragg, Tehachapi

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