I read with amusement and disgust, the last paragraph of the "Planning Commission approves 'mountain modern' housing development" story (Nov. 4). What the CEO says he likes about the area, is exactly what he and other developers have destroyed here.

These "developments" have been the scourge of this town. We have traffic problems, water source and quality problems with the developments we have now. But yet, once again, the city is approving more density to the population here. Why is that?

Sure it is smaller and more quaint than the bigger cities provide. Yet, lest people forget, big cities were at one time not big. So that which the developers have made elsewhere that they want to move from, are creating here in what used to be Tehachapi. Now it can be referred to as "little Bakersfield," wel,l that is till it becomes Bakersfield east.

Matt Hyatt, Tehachapi

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