Much appreciation to Jack Bristow for raising the concern about promised stimulus monies. There are so many people who could rightfully use this support. It's like dangling the carrot that is just out of reach. I'd like to address concern about the stimulus check being issued carte blanche to folks who really don't want or need it. Some of us are managing just fine without these checks and it has only become a headache in filing our income taxes.

Why hasn't the government made it possible to "opt out" of receiving these monies? Sure, we can donate the money to charities. That's a good thing to keep our support local. I can't help but wonder how many people would just as soon not receive a stimulus check. I'd rather see the government spend the money in a more constructive way on a national level for free lunches in schools or addressing the homeless concerns. Are homeless people receiving a stimulus check since they do not have an address?

There are so many social needs that could benefit if the federal government would give more thought to how they give away my money.

— Cherrill Gragg, Tehachapi