In response to Graham Hill’s letter to the editor from Dec 15:

I did not “take the jab under duress.” I did not “go along to get along.” I went out of my way to get vaccinated for COVID-19 ASAP. Why? Because I wanted to protect myself, and I wanted to protect others. Because I knew how bad a pandemic could be, and I believed the benefit of the vaccine outweighed the risk. I still do. I retired early because my workplace was not being COVID-safe enough.

However, Mr. Hill and I do seem to agree on some issues. I, too, have concerns about Big Pharma being too powerful. It needs to have caps on how much it can charge. It needs to be regulated. It is typically Republicans who oppose greater regulation. Mr. Hill also seems to favor free universal health care. Me, too! Making health care more affordable and accessible for all has been part of the Democrat platform for years and years. Republicans are usually the ones blocking greater access to affordable health care. It’s not quite fair to blame “the government” for “not caring about people’s health, safety and well-being.

“The government” is made up of competing factions. There are some members of “the government” who have never stopped fighting for universal health care. They tend to be left-leaning.

We are not going to agree on everything — but let’s work together to put caps on Big Pharma’s prices, and bring on universal health care!

—Susan Stuart, Tehachapi