Mountain biking season is coming up! I would really encourage all of our local six through twelfth grade students to join the team! I am a seventh grade female student from Heritage Oak School (best school ever) and started on the mountain biking team last year in sixth grade, feeling unsure and nervous.

At first it was challenging because my confidence level was low, but I met many new friends and many of my school classmates joined the team. As the season went on, I got better and stronger. The races were awesome and nerve-wrecking, but also so much fun because I had the opportunity to compete at the races and camp with my family and friends. I love to go camping!

All of this was made possible by SoCal's sponsorship, but mostly because of our coaches, including my dad, Coach Toby. Girls, I fiercely encourage that you join the team this year. I love it and I know you will too! It is fun, keeps you in shape and allows you to make friends with others around Tehachapi. For more information on how to join the team, when practices are or for any general questions, you can call my dad, Coach Toby at 661-202-0024.

— Natalia Semerenko, Tehachapi