Swimmers, water aerobics fans, and friends of Tehachapi’s Dye Natatorium! Many of us have wished that our local public indoor swimming pool could be open more months. This year the pool opened (part time) mid-April, and closed on Labor Day.

Tehachapi Valley Recreation and Park District Board members have been sympathetic to swimmers, but they have said keeping the pool open is a challenge. In addition to the challenge of finding enough lifeguards, (thank you, lifeguards!) it costs a lot of money to run the pool. (I’ve been told heating alone can cost $3,000 per month.)

TVRPD is inviting anyone interested in the pool to attend a meeting at 4 p.m. Oct. 10 at the West Park office. There will be a presentation detailing exactly what it costs to run the Dye Natatorium. Then community members can discuss how to support the pool. Swimmers, aspiring swimmers and pool users, please come to the meeting, listen, show your support and participate!

— Susan Stuart, Tehachapi