I saw Larry Trapp’s letter to the editor on June 24, whining about Gov. Gavin Newsom’s order to wear face masks.

He had reportedly been both a logic instructor and a teacher of government.

I think he owes his students in both disciplines a refund. 

But, I have some good news for Larry.

By the power vested in me by my Creator, in whose image I claim to be created, my only source of authority, and my authority being exceedingly limited, I do hereby declare that Larry does not have to wear a mask.

But, since the legitimate purpose driving Governor Newsom’s legitimate order to wear masks, issued under the governor’s legitimate emergency powers, is to keep mask wearers from infecting others, in order to protect the public health, and not to protect mask wearers from getting infected their own darn selves.

Larry has to stay out of the public space, since he (like everyone) is a potential spreader of the virus, if he chooses to exercise this freedom that I grant to him. I do not give him a right to be a public nuisance, or, worse, a threat to public health.

Go crazy with your defiance of the order, Larry. Just don’t infect anyone else in the process. 

God bless Larry, and all those other selfish rebels without a cause, who defiantly walk into medical clinics unmasked, and then get mad when asked to act like a responsible citizen, a member of a community.

Brian Scott, Tehachapi

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