It’s already starting to become a reality needing a green light to travel … soon sports, concerts, schools, shops, etc.

In short, you’ll need the permission of a phone app to be part of society — and all because government wants to keep us all safe.

Like all social engineering control, like all lies it’s introduced in stages. The media has to sell it to you as if it is something you just have to have. Only very soon it will not be a choice.

Like going to war, bailing out banks and taking away our rights, our governments never ask us we the people to decide, now do they?

With all the flag-waving and meaningless patriotism, life in any country has never been a true democracy; it’s always been an illusion, a forever ongoing feudal system that through COVIDism has now been finally revealed as the new normal of globalized digital monitoring.

The right to be an individual has gone as is the right to protest, and just look how so easily it was all accomplished.

Future generations will surely ask: "Why didn’t you try to stop them?"

We didn’t, because of decades of programming and blind faith in corrupt institutions. We became soft, consumerized, distracted and all because it’s not politically correct or trending now to think for yourself.

Forget about what’s reopening, just look at what’s permanently gone, and I don’t just mean shops and businesses!

An app that’s a passport to hell!

Graham Hill, Tehachapi