Steven Meyer wrote a great article ("Pandemic's ripple effect of mental health issues could last years," March 17) about the horrible damages of the lockdown recently. One thing he forgot was the starvation and death brought upon the poorest children and adults (they matter, too) of the world. Quick research will show you the horrible consequences of this lockdown (not from COVID, from the lockdown) and all of the points in his article are accurate!

The only issue is that those of us who have been full against the forced lockdowns from day one have said all of those things would happen from the beginning! All of the things he mentioned were already known by humanity. It is only those who left lifetimes of knowledge to dive head-first into the madness of trusting "health" departments and "government experts" instead of all the knowledge of all the ages.

This lockdown has truly shown who is willing to throw everything they know out the window because they are told to. So I am glad that many people are waking up to the gross and filthy evils of the lockdowns. The only question is whether our leaders at almost every level are actually evil enough to do what they did and purposefully destroy so many people. Or whether or not they are stupid beyond comprehension and did it all on accident.

That is the only discussion that truly wise and discerning people should have. Whether our "leaders" are evil or stupid. There is no other option.

Darrel Sipes, Tehachapi