Once upon a time, only robbers and muggers wore masks and now it's just about everyone. You have to see the monumental irony and sick humor in all this tyrannical madness, as we wear the masks whilst the BANK$TER$ rob our Social Security, pensions and savings, not to mention eliminating jobs, cutting needed services, and imposing a catastrophic national debt more frightening than any "virus."

Whilst "staying home to save lives," the very same elite are about to change life as we know it, and what were once rights and freedoms, are now fast becoming privileges that our masters can withdraw at any time that they deem appropriate.

The passive and ignorant patriotism of waving the flag, "paying-forward" and simply hoping it's all going to be alright, is not the way to preserve freedom and democracy whether in war or peace, but critical thinking and holding our "representatives" accountable is.

The BANK$TER-owned media, whether FOX, CNN or anyone else, will feed you the same lies only framed in the usual left/right divisive direction.

If you really care and are not afraid of the truth — do your own research, form your own conclusions, study the patterns in history that keep making the rich richer and rest of us poorer. But truth is fast disappearing as the 'controlled' social media blocks ALL criticism of the "virus" and government.

Free speech is now hate speech. "It can't happen here" — well it has, only your masks are blinding you!

Graham Hill, Tehachapi

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