In response to Linda Coverdale's letter in the March 24 issue ("McCarthy voted against his own district with 'no' on stimulus bill"), maybe she should have checked out all the non-related spending that bill included. Rep. Kevin McCarthy was totally right in voting NO! There are many who need help in these times, but all the "pork" included in that bill was absolutely non-essential!

How could they even call it a COVID-relief bill? And as for the mask wearing noted by Gloria Thompson ("Why are so many people refusing to wear masks?" March 24), there is so much disinformation and mixed messages, I don't know how anyone can claim they are 100 percent correct. So, let everyone decide what they believe to be best for them and follow their beliefs!

I don't bother you for wearing a mask, so don't try to condemn me for choosing not to because of my own personal health issues! As far as I know, we are still a free country — maybe not for long, but I'm going to enjoy and appreciate it as long as I can. Thank you for listening to my personal point of view, and may God Bless America! We just have to let HIM in!

Linda Cross, Tehachapi