The only roadwork going on lately in town are those new concrete islands erected at every railroad crossing. For crying out loud! Did we really need more concrete islands on our roads that we have to carefully tiptoe around? The islands we have in town now have plenty of black, scuffed-up tire marks from people driving around them.

Meanwhile, our city manager approves grants for concrete islands, sidewalks, fencing, bike paths and all this feel-good stuff to make the town look good. This makes no sense when practically all of us use roads that take a licking and need to be repaired.

Since our city manager has a bloated salary well over $200,000 a year, maybe he would be generous enough to loosen up the purse strings some and put money where the rubber meets the road.

City Council members must be held culpable because they approve salaries and city business. The roads, unfortunately, take a back seat to be fixed for some other time, but that time might not come for years or not at all.

Every one of us keeps driving over the bumpy, uneven and decrepit pavement in town day after day. Some watchdog agency awhile back designated our roads and gutters in town below average (a D grade), and need of repair, but nothing has been done except repave downtown Tehachapi Boulevard.

We shouldn't be subjected to poor roads like Valley Boulevard and those miserable county roads. Unless we have good shock absorbers on our cars, we should brace ourselves and expect to get tossed around even more down our roads.

Dennis Tope, Tehachapi

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