Whether you’re vaccinated or not, there is no immunity from that virus — and certainly not from the Orwellian total control agenda associated with it.

As with solving any crime, police always ask, who benefits?

With COVIDism, it’s the super rich banksters, as they long ago stopped paying any savings interest to us. But under the guise of this PANICdemic they carried out ,without a mask, the biggest transfer of wealth in human history.

As we re-open, suddenly everything now is much more expensive, more scarce and yet the big corporate profits keep getting higher with each shortage, whilst telling us it's all because of COVID.

Whilst you had thrown away any sense of critical thinking, in the sense that you’ll take the time to study the food ingredients and calories of what you eat, but will blindly take an injection that you and the person jabbing you have no idea what’s in it or its consequences, and no one on TV or anywhere else will dare tell you, least of all Dr. Fauci.

Would you travel in an experimental car or airplane where the maker was absolved from all liability?

The biggest reopening new normal now is just like China … you don’t question, you just obey.

COVIDism is the new trending-now Communism, and it’s contaminated the whole world!

— Graham Hill, Tehachapi