You jumped to conclusions, didn’t bother to investigate, and made an assumption. You drove by St Malachy's Catholic Church, saw cars in the parking lot and reported erroneously to our bishop that Mass was going on!

You didn't notice that every parked car had people sitting in it?

Obviously not!

Didn’t you notice there were no lights on in the church?


Did you see people going in and out of the church?

No, because the doors were locked!

Did you stop and ask someone who was in their car what was going on?


Going to Mass is very special for Catholics. Now we've been deprived of that privilege indefinitely, so a parishioner asked others to meet in the parking lot at 11 a.m. for a Holy Hour on Sunday, March 29. We were to stay in our cars and pray. What is a Holy Hour? It means we go to church and adore the Lord Jesus for an hour, because Catholics believe the Lord actually is present in the tabernacle. Even though the church was locked, by sitting in our cars in the parking lot we could be close to our Lord, although not under the same roof.

We've now been told congregating in our cars in the parking lot is not allowable! Thank you, whoever you are! Next time, investigate, make sure you aren't spreading malicious rumors! Now is a time to pray for healing and help for each other, not castigate!

Barbara Dieges, Tehachapi

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