On Wednesday, April 7, I was honored by a parade of patriotic Americans to celebrate my 90th birthday and Korean military service. I wish I could personally thank each member of the Patriot Guard Riders and their magnificent machines, the 5150 Dieselz Truck Club and the many community members consisting of old friends and new who followed in their cars and came out for the event. I have never seen so many American flags so proudly displayed.

A special thanks to Kevin Davey, post commander, American Legion Post 221; Jim "Kick Stand" Jacobs, Area Ride Captain of the Patriot Guard Riders (who could easily moderate a late-night talk show) and Debi and Robert Peralta of the 5150z Truck Club. Working behind the scenes were dear friends and family members who thought up and help prepare this surprise event, including Rich and Karen Stearns, Cory and Michelle Wattenbarger and daughters Shellie Roanhorse and Becky Sanders. We would also like to thank Darla Baker of the Tehachapi News.

To the man standing in the street who gave me a personal salute and stated that if alive, his father, a veteran, would be 90 years on April 7, I say: God bless you for your presence, sir, and if given the chance I would be honored to salute you back. God bless America!

— Dave Rheinhart, Semper Fidelis