Even Moses, that is actor and activist Charlton Heston, called it right when he addressed the Harvard Law School in 1999.

Political correctness is a Soviet communist term that was foisted on us way before COVIDism took over the world. It’s been skillfully layered-in by design.

Words are weapons. They are the most dangerous and effective weapons. Political correctness is more threatening than Russia, China, terrorism or any "virus." This is because words sink into the soul and change our thoughts, speech and deeds, whereas everything else only hurts our physical bodies.

In order to truly conquer a nation and the world, you must first conquer their minds.

The Psychological Warfare Department of the military engage in what they call perception management. In short, getting you to perceive the PC truth as their "masters" dictate, not what your own common sense and critical thinking tells you.

When it comes to perception management, nobody messes with your mind more than the media. Whether your favorite news anchor, celebrity or politician sells you on a false reality, or you try seeking the truth on social media, chances are it’ll be hard to find, especially when anyone who questions the party line online quickly gets taken down (censored) by the very entities that told you social media was here to champion free speech and the right to disagree.

Orwell called it Newspeak, disguising the true meaning of words, a socially engineered tyranny that is always trending now.

Graham Hill, Tehachapi

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