Having read Mr. Wells’ letter of Oct. 7, I think he is a little confused about the difference between a rally with like-minded folks for the candidate of their choice, and a protest march. Like the Trump/Pence rally, the Biden/Harris rally was a happy joining of like-minded spirits. Both were peaceful and joyful.

But a protest march against ongoing racial injustice is a bird of a different feather. No matter how often the Black Lives Matter supporters march in protest against grave injustices, the killing keeps happening. Yes, people are going to be angry and frustrated, but still, the vast majority of the marchers are engaged in peaceful protest. And they don’t support looting and rioting. That was against Martin Luther King’s philosophy.

What happens is that looters show up who may have, or may not have, sympathy with the cause, and take advantage of the situation. Also, it appears that white supremacists also showed up and decided to cause trouble to throw shade upon the protests. So, rally versus protest — two different purposes. Two different temperaments. The American dream is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Let’s make sure that all can pursue it in peace and harmony.

Linda Coverdale, Tehachapi

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