When politicians use the term “redistricting” in promoting something that is supposedly going to be good for a small community like Tehachapi, watch out!

“We the people” have never had a true democracy nor has any other country ever. Instead, we have an illusionary democracy by representation, which I guess lifts the burden off of us by not having to vote against wars, corporate bailouts and keeping the same shadowy scoundrels in control.

Kern County and probably every other county is picking a fine time to think about redistricting with all the political, economic and social meltdown that COVID has foisted on the world.

You’d think county and state governments would have enough more pressing issues to worry about, especially in light of the great financial collapse that will certainly follow, an unprecedented collapse that even the "experts" say will be totally catastrophic.

Even our always overly optimistic and smiling “Live-Up” local leaders must see what’s coming in 2022, or are they too distracted by trying to get In-N-Out burger to come here?

Might make some residents happy, but fast-food sales taxes aren’t going to match something like attracting Costco or other good-paying jobs.

We all know with all the chaos that’s going on, that the supply chain “shortages” are intentional, making the same usual suspects who always profit from such things even richer.

Made-in-the-USA manufacturing and national security certainly got redistricted when it was intentionally and treasonously given to China — Where was our "democracy" then?

— Graham Hill, Stallion Springs