I have become aware that military bases were named after confederate generals who were actually traitors to the union of the United States. They also left the war to divide the United States because most were slave owners.

I am personally anti-war. I am 80 years old, and my whole life I realized that our country has been in war or trying to get out of one. At a great loss of life, I have many close friends who are veterans and I respect their service. I have family that served including an uncle who was wounded at Pearl Harbor.

Some of my coffee buddies, both veterans and non-veterans, were discussing the changing of the names of military bases. We unanimously agree that they should be renamed after Congressional Medal of Honor recipients. They came from all parts of America, and they gave their all. They come from all the political parties, races and nationalities with great respect for all who serve or chose not to.

Charley Price, Tehachapi

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