In 2020, the Republicans, under Trump, passed a $2 trillion aid package for people affected by the pandemic. It was much needed and appreciated by all those in need and every Democrat voted for it in support, even though it helped Trump. Democrats felt it was more important to help the people in their districts.

On Wednesday, March 10, Democrats put out a bill at $1.9 trillion. Not a single Republican voted for it because they wanted to hurt President Biden… and in doing so, hurt the people in their districts. One of the people voting against this current bill was our own representative, House Minority Speaker Kevin McCarthy. And in doing so, he has voted against Kern and all the people hurt by this pandemic.

Who does he think he is representing? Who does he think voted him in this past election? It wasn’t his fellow party members. It was the people here in Kern County. If he cannot see his way clear to helping his own district when it is in trouble, then he needs to step down!

Linda Coverdale, Tehachapi