I find it interesting that some people seem to be defiant about wearing a mask. If there is a sign on the door before you enter a store requesting you to wear a mask and there are signs right inside a door making the same request, why do you even enter if you don't intend to comply?

This is not the time or place to try and make a political statement. Some of our local businesses are operated by all volunteers. We want you to come and shop because we have worthy causes supporting the needs of our community. The money we raise doesn't go into our pockets. It goes to causes which have little or no financial backing other than fund raising. We go to great lengths to provide a safe place to conduct business.

Please don't be offended if someone asks you to wear a mask. It's such a small request to demonstrate respect for others in this difficult, uncertain time. We're glad you came. We're proud we're able to provide support for the needs of our Tehachapi home through our volunteer work. Thank you for cooperating and supporting our community services. Stay safe and well.

Cherill Gragg, Tehachapi

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