I believe that if I hear one more millennial tell me that doing anything on the computer is easy, my response will be less than pleasant. I made the mistake of trying to help my wife sign up for her Social Security benefits and was assured by the drone on the recorded message at the Social Security office that signing up was easy to do online. It is not!!

You have a choice of having to wait on hold if you prefer to take care of it with a human being (if government employees can be called human) or having to be fluent in Computereze. They used to say in my day that you can't trust anyone over 30. Now you can't trust anyone under 30. I know that Rosetta Stone offers courses in foreign languages, but do they also offer courses in techie languages?

Society probably collapses when the ability to communicate is lost. I think I can hear the sound of another society falling.

— Larry Trapp, Tehachapi

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