All Californians will benefit if the House passes the bipartisan infrastructure bill approved by the Senate.

It gives Congress a once-in-a-generation opportunity to promote drought resiliency, adjust to climate change, protect the environment, mitigate wildfires, maintain a safe, healthy, local food supply and ensure communities have the water they need for their homes and businesses.

This balanced package expands our capacity to capture and store water in wet years for use in dry ones; repairs the existing water infrastructure that delivers the water we have; provides rural and disadvantaged communities with access to clean water; and allows us to “Build Back Better” by investing in green infrastructure, recycling and desalination.

Making our water supply more reliable will protect our environment, our citizens, and the farms providing more than half of our fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

We urge Rep. Kevin McCarthy and the entire California delegation to support this critical legislation.

— Mike Wade, executive director, California Farm Water Coalition, Sacramento