The Tehachapi Association of Teachers Executive Board would like to address inaccuracies circulating among those protected under the contract and within the community. While rumors cannot be controlled, there are times when they must be addressed.

One rumor currently making the rounds is “TAT does not want schools to open.” This is entirely false. Mandates from the health department and governor determine the opening and closing of schools. At the Sept. 29 school board meeting, the Tehachapi Unified School District School Board voted to continue virtual learning through Dec. 18. 

TAT Executive Board and Representative Council as well as committees made up of teachers who, just like all certificated staff, follow the mandates given to us by our supervisors. Our TUSD schools have to be closed because Kern County is in the purple tier due to COVID infection rates. In the meanwhile, TAT is participating in discussions regarding Moderate/Severe Special Education Cohort group return. Other cohort returns are in the earliest stages of discussion.

The TAT Executive Board and Representative Council have been elected and are in place to serve members and protect the contract. Every third Tuesday of each month, a Representative Council meeting is held and meeting notes are dispersed through district email to everyone protected by the contract. When necessary, messages are sent via email and placed on the Facebook TAT page. If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to your executive board or site reps and know we are happy to assist. 

Val Bowman, TAT President

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