On Wednesday, Dec. 23, I packed and loaded my car with Christmas gifts and headed out for my trip to Thousand Oaks to spend Christmas with my two sons and their families. I had a prescription to pick up and, as they close for a period of time for lunch, I decided, while waiting, to get a quick lunch at McDonald's. Long lines, but I finally got to the cashier window.

The smiling young cashier leaned out the window to check my order and to inform me that the gentleman in the truck ahead of me had paid for my food.

I said, “You’ve got to be kidding. Merry Christmas.”

I was able to catch the gentleman’s eye as he headed onto Tucker Road and waved, mouthed “thank you” and gave him a big smile. He waved back. My first angel.

As I was getting ready to head for the freeway, I received a call from my son, Tom, telling me that my daughter-in-law had probably been exposed to COVID-19. After a long discussion, we decided it best, since I’m in the “extreme” older population category, that I stay home. Bummer!

I went to Save Mart to pick up a few items I hadn’t thought I would need. As I checked out, the gentleman asked how I was so I told him my sad story and that I was headed home. He immediately told me I could spend Christmas with him and his family. Can you imagine? My second angel.

On my way back to Stallion Springs, I left a couple of messages with friends that I wouldn’t be traveling. By the time I went to bed that night, I had an invitation to Christmas Eve lunch and dinner and three more invitations for Christmas Day. More angels.

Wow, what genuine caring! My thanks go out to everyone! What better time to show love and compassion than at Christmas, when we celebrate the birth of the one who came to save us all, Jesus Christ.

— Susan Mueller, Stallion Springs