Let me get straight to the point by narrowing out the fact that the Tehachapi community does very well in neglecting their community’s kids. If you haven't noticed, there are very important issues to take into account and combat in your “peaceful” town of Tehachapi.

In the four years I have lived here, I’ve seen racism on almost all Tehachapi Facebook pages. Written by keyboard warriors who use fake accounts to hide their identity, and also several who don’t hide and show their racism proudly, but never meet repercussions.

In these years, I have also heard of several suicides committed mostly by teenagers. To this I say, it is true that schools can only do so much, but evidently they do not do enough! I have seen parents taking their kids out of these schools terrified of their kids being bullied or abused, setting them up to home school or go to an independent school. I have seen parents struggling with their kids in and out of the juvenile detention system due to criminal activity, drugs, alcohol and violence. But they are children nonetheless.

So please, anyone, tell me if this sounds oh so “tranquil” to you? Are these things not a problem? Or are they just not your problem? These issues are part of our community. These families need help, but no one addresses these things as problems with actual solutions. I truly believe most think of them only as problems and that has got to change.

Brenda Zavala, Tehachapi

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