We are trying to understand Tehachapi's pandemic response. At some stores, customers line up, social distance and wear masks (employees too!); but at other places of commerce, such as the May 7 Farmer's Market, people do not social distance, and vendors do not wear masks, wash hands or wipe down surfaces.

This is NOT a plan for public safety and health. Do Tehachapi decision makers think its residents and visitors are somehow more immune than the rest of the world? We would love nothing more than to buy some fresh produce at our farmer's market, but if we show up wearing a mask, we are protecting YOU. When you don't wear a mask, you put US at risk.

Oh, and let's not forget those special hours for "senior/at risk" folks that are only useful for people who live very close to the store and don't have to drive mountain roads through the fog and the other dangerous conditions we've had until just a couple of weeks ago.

We are not impressed with Tehachapi, nor Kern County, in this crisis. Kern is the only county in this state graded an "F" for it's response. I will spend my money only where safety measures are taken seriously.

Sharon Wahl, Stallion Springs

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