You have to admit, tempers are running even higher than the high elevation of "live-up" Tehachapi.

Not really the kind of live-and-let-live fresh, clean air place (brush-fires permitting) where you might find someone saying, “I can’t breathe,” when it’s really more a case of, “I can’t think critically anymore.”

Could it be so many have allowed the fear/panic heavily promoted by the Government Medical Mafia and media to infect their please-keep-me-safe socially distanced brains?

It’s the new American civil war — maskers against the maskless. Those who surrender their rights and obey, against those who dare question.

Tehachapi prides itself on being a big flag-waving patriotic community that feels it is immune from the troubles of the big city — it’s not!

Whoever SilentWolf is ("Being in this together applies to everyone," letter to the editor, July 8), along with so many others who think the maskless, should be shamed for exercising their right not to follow an order that is freely admitted not a law — for a virus that is freely admitted has better than a 98 percent survival rate, that has an inaccurate 80 percent false-positive test, and whose true death numbers have been falsified.

The 1918 Spanish Flu killed more than 60 million in a non-locked down and maskless world, lasted a year with no vaccine ever found, and yet life went on, didn’t it?

Whilst you’re staying, or rather playing it safe, your rights, your country, your precious American way-of-life will be a distant memory by 2030 — unless you can comprehend what this virus is really masking!

Graham Hill, Tehachapi

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