With all the insanity and dystopian dictates that have now become the “new normal," with the vaccinated pitted against the unvaccinated, or rather all those who comply without question against all those who still remember their rights from what America used to be ...

Let’s be honest folks, most of you took the “Jab” under total duress. Why else would you accept an experimental “vaccine” with no liability or take a “test” that can’t tell whether you have COVID or simply the flu?

You took the jab because of 24/7 traumatizing pressure, because you wanted to keep your job, because you want to travel or simply eat in a restaurant or just go out and interact with others like this freedom-loving country used to be.

Unfortunately, most will not say they reluctantly “went along to get along” publicly or even privately to their families, but they will demonize all those true patriots that refused.

Tehachapi, with all its flag-waving and parades, should know more than most communities that patriotism is all about supporting your country, your people, not your government or more precisely those who own it!

If any government ever cared about your health, safety or well-being we’d all have free universal health care and they wouldn’t allow Big Pharma to rob us blind and dictate health policy, especially when the third leading cause of death is “prescription drugs."

When opposing views and questioning is outlawed, by definition you have a dictatorship, and most of you are shamelessly, proudly saluting it!

— Graham Hill, Stallion Springs