The next presidential election will not be a question of whether we want a Democrat or Republican to be in control of our country, or a question of do we want a liberal or a conservative in the White House, or socialism versus capitalism. It will be a question of whether the people in America want to continue having a democracy or would they instead prefer to have an autocracy. They will, in fact, be deciding whether they want a president or a dictator.

At this moment in time, we have allowed one man to turn our Justice Department into a Gestapo, our Senate and Mitch McConnell — with their powers of checks and balances — into the Reichstag Congress that gave Hitler the Enabling Act, and with it, uncontested, unlimited power.

Joe Biden put it in a nutshell: "We are in a battle for the soul of America." But regardless of who said it, it is a fact.

If you are a conservative Republican, you can deny it — you can fool yourself into thinking that Donald Trump has your best interests in mind — but deep down, when you watch him speak and listen to his words, you must know that's not true. Our current president has only one person's best interests in mind, and that's his own — even if it costs this country its democracy!

Joe Nagy, Tehachapi

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