There are some elephants in the room here in California and it is just crazy. One is that colleges have recently come out with a report that details that of the 45,000-plus cases among 25 major colleges only two have been hospitalized with zero deaths. i.e. (and this is not a joke) a student is more likely to get killed by a dog than by COVID (even after they get infected the rate is that low).

The other elephant is that the exact same people who tell us we must lower the population (i.e. they vehemently support population control) are the ones who now say we must stop living to make sure the population is not lowered (you can't make this stuff up)!!!

The other elephant is that the same people who tell a mother she can legally murder her own baby if it's small or young enough, now say that mothers can't be trusted to make decisions about their children's safety and that a man named Newsom must make those decisions for mothers.

The other elephant is that the same people who teach our children in school that they can practice "safe homosexual and heterosexual unmarried sex" are now telling us those same kids cannot shake hands, play sports, go to school, etc...

This is madness and the emperor is most definitely naked. This pandemic has shown which of those in our community are elitist trusting fools and which are not. The emperor is naked, naked, naked.

— Darrel Sipes, Tehachapi

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