Small stores selling clothing, furniture and housewares are closed. But the aisles with these items are not roped off ,and the cash registers not set to reject sales at Walmart? If this were done at Walmart, wouldn't it encourage more "shelter in place?"

New regulations allow holders of 401(k) retirement accounts to sell holdings without the usual early withdrawal penalty and the banks have been allowed to lower their reserves and borrow from the government at 0.25 percent interest. So now you can sell your shares, for an average of 30 percent less than a short time ago and probably 50 percent less by summer, and the banks will be the buyers.

If a bank is late on their payment for the 0.25 percent interest loan, do you think the president of the bank will get a call? No. But if you are late on the payment for your 28.99 percent interest credit card, you will get a phone call. The middle class has been "had" again.

— Robert Kay, Tehachapi

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