"I am not a number - I am a free man."

That was the mantra of the lead character Number Six in the iconic British TV series from the '60s "The Prisoner." At the time, it was the most controversial and misunderstood television series ever.

It was about mind control, and with that in mind, it brings us to what’s really playing out now in real-time, as they say.

Again, the number six is prevalent, just like the term social distancing. Where did the all-powerful order of separating six-feet apart figure come from?

A common sneeze has been measured to travel at 100 mph from 23 to 27 feet without any wind, so what’s the point of being only six feet apart to be safe?

It’s as safe as “duck-and-cover” was to surviving nuclear fallout — right!

We are used to SIX-guns, the SIX-pack in our stores, but maybe it’s the psychological connotation linked to being buried SIX feet under. Or the 666 satanic implications of us, finally being digitally branded like cattle.

From the very start, all this virus madness has been fear driven on a doomsday scale to really mess with our minds, let alone our livelihoods.

Critical thinking and plain common sense asks us why should we believe the very same entities that lied about tobacco smoking, radiation, GMO food, pesticides etc., and have now been made immune from all liability with any COVID vaccine they stick us with?

Maybe we are all prisoners now, especially when we choose not to question!

Graham Hill, Tehachapi

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