Frankly, I think it's disgusting that someone would come ALL THE WAY to Tehachapi from West Covina in such a "dangerous time." The kind of man who would leave his home and drive hours away, then judges and writes letters to people who live hours away? Stay in West Covina in your own home if it's dangerous out here.

People in Tehachapi have, mostly, opened up their eyes to the utter ridiculousness of COVID tyranny, and are not going to be fear mongered into dying before their time. And yes, I mean to imply that people who have shut down their lives to "stay alive" are already dead! But turn off your idiot TV and come outside! The world is here, and the streets are NOT full of dead bodies all over the place!

The MAIN problem with COVID is that tyrants have shut down the lives of children to "save" the elderly. Which is complete idiocy as old people, mostly (there are some evil old people too) love to watch children laugh and run and smile and play! Old people love to come out and support the wonderful children in our community.

It is the work of a very few disgusting "leaders" and their minions who have shut the world down. We adults are to lay down our lives FOR our children. Not be weak and allow tyrants to steal our children's childhood. Those supporting lockdown hate our children and always have; we've had proof of it for MONTHS!

— Darrel Sipes, Tehachapi