My coffee group, which comprises equal parts Republicans and Democrats, has been discussing, debating and arguing about the presidential election. Some say it was a fraud, others say it was a turnout election or democracy in action.

Then after two weeks of back and forth, my Republican friends say it was a fraudulent election because President Trump had big crowds at his rallies, he had a large base supporting him so there was no way he could lose this bad and he had more votes than he did four years ago.

My Democrat friends say he lost because of his divide and conquer tactics combined with talking down to people brought out the true silent majority. He did not take the COVID virus seriously, while Biden did, which made his crowds smaller.

So most of us agreed that after Sleepy Joe went up by 7.5 million votes, Old Sleepy Joe, the loser of two presidential elections, convinced his voters to vote for him overwhelmingly. He gave the Trumper an old-fashioned barnyard whipping!

This was not a fraudulent election, it was democracy in action. So take down your Trump flags and run up the white flag. You lost fair and square! God Bless America!

— C.W. Price

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