By this time next year, this letter will be forgotten and we will all once again be drawn into the election year “Civil War.”

For the past year and a half I’ve been pondering whether to support former President Donald Trump. I supported and voted for him in 2016 and 2020. I went to many Trump rallies and stood up for him against all false accusations on social media.

Now, I’m not so sure I want to support Trump in 2024. He was twice impeached, his own vice president won't talk to him and Trump has alienated so many potential allies, like Gov. Glenn Youngkin and Gov. Ron De Santis, not to mention Nikki Haley, who is running for the Republican nomination. One must ask: Can Trump even win in 2024?

The last time a president was able to win, lose and win again was Grover Cleveland in the late 1800s and America was very decisive even then.

Trump has another problem; he can only serve one term, if he should happen to miraculously win in 2024. What can he accomplish in four years? Yes, we need to Make America Great Again, yes we need to eliminate the Obamacare mandate, that Biden reinstated. We need to have a president who can stand up to Russia and North Korea, we need to have a president who can have an administration that will work in bringing down the cost of gas, food and oil. We cannot continue living in this fantasy world where Biden stands in front of the television and makes believe everything is alright.

For those of you who are Trump supporters, I’m sorry, but Trump is done. He served his purpose and that was keeping Hillary Clinton out of office. It’s time to go a different direction.

For those of you who hated Trump and voted for Biden, shame on you. Millions are suffering financially because you people would rather have a guy with dementia destroy our economy because he was better than the “orange dude” who tweeted mean things on social media. Get over yourself; Biden is the worst president ever and he needs to go.

So who to support in 2024? I'm still not sure. I’m really considering Nikki Haley because I don’t want Kamala Harris or, God forbid, Gavin Newsom, to become president of the United States.

— John Ortiz, Tehachapi

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