So, here I am at 4:30 a.m., wondering how is it that America, Land of the Free, has all of a sudden become a nation, no longer under God, but under a small group of evil elitists to whom we have turned over our lives? We have allowed them to force us to wear masks, take our children out of schools, close down our businesses and take away our livelihoods. What is wrong with us?

God, Himself, gave us free will to make our own choices. However, we have freely given it away to a bunch of heathens, just because they want to play God, whom they don't believe exist?

Aren't we better than that? Didn't our ancestors suffer so many worse disasters then COVID-19 for naught? If they hadn't survived, we wouldn't be here now, would we?

So, let's stop, live our lives, with or without masks, get our kids back at school, open up our businesses, go back to work and last but certainly not least, make God our priority. He created us, believe it or not. He has trusted us to make the best decisions for ourselves, free will, remember? Stop judging each other, take our health and well-being into our own hands and go on with life as usual! Let the chips fall where they may.

Wear a mask if you are ill so you don't contaminate the rest of us, wash your hands, especially after using the restroom! God bless us all! He will.

Patti Hobin, Tehachapi