Regarding “Greater Tehachapi for a greater good!” (Letter to the editor, Jan. 19) we’re immigrants from Santa Clarita after 27 years, having spent a total of 42 years in Los Angeles, so while we appreciate Mr. Hill’s concerns, we want to point out some of the huge differences that we’ve noticed between Tehachapi and Santa Clarita: zero traffic, one freeway, vast undeveloped space, and a real lack of pretentiousness (where are the Escalades and private academies?).

The huge influx of money from show business, finance, technology and law have turned Santa Clarita into a crowded dystoptian “Pleasantville” without any of the warmth that originally drew us there. Kern County and by extension, Tehachapi, are deep red, another vast difference from deep blue LA County.

Due to unstable utilities, we had invested in a generator, always ready for the next blackout. Haven’t had one to date in Tehachapi. It may be little over an hour away, but for us, it’s been another country.

There will be sorting out of the various communities into a more unified city, but it’s going to take many years to even approach Santa Clarita’s breathtaking growth, and for that we are extremely grateful!

— Joel Schoeninger, Tehachapi