As you witnessed on here, it doesn’t take much to get some in the community all riled up, and of course under COVIDism that’s exactly what our masters like, the more the better, as if we weren’t all divided enough already by the so-called "elections" that like so much else is rigged anyway.

I know the air is thin up here at 4,000 feet, but really, even the most loyal of you to the "news" media should start to realize what’s REALLY going on here?

Personally, I never, ever believe anything any government says about anything — especially when they tell you they’re really concerned for your health and safety like now.

Just ask a veteran how concerned they were about Agent Orange and depleted uranium killing both the enemy and our own?

As for the masks, well, a year later the effects of continuous wearing toxic and carcinogenic masks are starting to be noticed by doctors and dentists alike. Research for yourself and you’ll find a whole host of problems from bacterial pneumonia, acne vulgaris, immune suppression and much more.

The unquestioned "authority" Dr. Fauci says yet another year to go regardless of "vaccination."

Regardless of the health consequences, the economic ones have already permanently done the damage, no matter how many relief checks you get.  And they’re telling us we should all be happy that there’s a great reset unfolding, a new "Build-Back-Better" lifestyle for us all. Kind of reminds you of the Pied Piper, remember him?

— Graham Hill, Stallion Springs