(Think the irascible Andy Rooney) Do you ever wonder why no one mentions “Keep America Great” anymore?

Pence said “Make America Great Again, Again!” MAGAA? Does that imply some sort of do over? Or what about how the other guy uses his name as a farewell... ByeDon; pretty clever; so are the ways his supporters can change commonly used phrases like “Love Trumps Hate” into anti slogans like “Deplorables Love Trump’s Hate.”

I don’t know about you, but I liked it better when there wasn’t Trumpism or Trumpers or even TDS; before QAnon and Twindemics and social distancing. I think we could all use a good hug and a walk on a quiet, sandy beach in Hawaii; oh wait, can’t do that; not with that 14-day hotel quarantine they have. Drat. (Tick, tick, tick, goes the stopwatch.)

Warren Rabe, Tehachapi

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