Once upon a time, the term "lockdown" only applied to prisons. Later, schools were added to the definition... and now it's the world!

We're told it's to keep us all safe. Stay home - save lives.

Grandpa would say, and maybe yours too, support for this is a mile wide and an inch deep. Up until now, people are going along with this to get along, despite the fact that those running the show have done everything possible to promote panic and confusion.

So it rather begs the $64 trillion question that many of us are asking: Why does this single PANICdemic rate locking down the world for the very first time in human history, when we have easily survived much more deadlier viruses and diseases without doing so?

Even the mighty CDC says that in 2018, 80,000 Americans died from the flu alone, the highest number in 40 years. I could quote many more easily verifiable statistics, but just look at how many die from second-hand tobacco smoke alone. No one is wearing masks to prevent that?

But above all else, why aren't we asking whilst being locked down that is, whilst mass death from any cause continues: Why is it we still allow the same elite and very small trillionaire minority to rob and dictate to us, whilst we all wait for our welfare checks, that's simply our own money anyway?

So abnormal or not, why do we keep blindly obeying without question?

Graham Hill, Tehachapi

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