Ask any good doctor and they will tell you that your mental health is just as important as it is physically, and so, as your own common sense should tell you that being locked down or socially distanced for weeks, let alone months at a time, is bound to be very bad for you no matter who orders it.

Stress has always been the silent killer, right up there with heart disease and cancer. This self-declared New World Order dictates a perpetual new abnormal, with permanent loss of jobs, small businesses and government services, the permanent loss of civil and God-given liberties on a monumental scale worldwide. Then don't you think the claustrophobic stress from all that is already seeing a giant rise in suicides, heart attacks and strokes far greater than any virus prediction?

It may be fine to wear a face mask to just go to the market, but again a good doctor will tell you that wearing such masks for a prolonged amount of time actually weakens your immune system when you need it the most, as exchanging oxygen for carbon dioxide is bad period.

Remember, America was founded on civil disobedience. As Thomas Jefferson said, "If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so."

And if you know anything of history, it's that all governments lie to their people about everything. Why should this crisis be any different?

Graham Hill, Tehachapi

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