This is in response to West Covina man’s letter to Tehachapi News. During a pandemic you chose to go on vacation? Worse yet, you chose to come to our community, then proceeded to insult our stores, residents and county. Questions for West Covina man: Why are you going on vacation during a pandemic? You defied your own county and their recommendations, including that you and your residents stay home. Were you COVID tested before you came to our community? If so, what were the results?

You need to call our City Hall immediately and let them know ASAP. We don’t need spreaders coming to our town. Why would you choose to leave Los Angeles County, putting everyone at risk, when your county had the highest level of infections in the country at one time?

Very selfish, ignorant and a complete lack of self-awareness. Next time you want to go on vacation to see a train track, during a pandemic, then criticize the community that’s unlucky enough for you to visit, why don’t you just go to Walmart, buy your own little choo choo train set and play with it in your living room? Good riddance.

— Derek Anderson, Tehachapi