As evidenced from the recent election, this small town has more political tension, more division than cities 10 times as large … and why is that you think?

Traditionally rural areas usually are conservative and cities liberal, but really those labels are meaningless, as with the old Cold War joke: What’s the difference between communism and capitalism? Answer: With communism the state owns the corporations and with capitalism the corporations own the state!

In other words, it’s the same people, the same families through their spiderwebs of corporations running everything. Political parties are just window dressing giving you the illusion of choice, the illusion of democracy.

Let’s face it, Trump, Biden, Obama, Clintons, Bushes, etc…  some choice!

Forget voting for the lesser of two evils each time, these people make LBJ and Nixon look appealing, as absolutely none of them are worthy of your vote — they all make false promises and use your patriotism to sell you out.

Now being British and really Europeans too, we have hundreds of years more history of lying, thieving politicians, that’s why we are more cynical as we’ve been double-crossed a lot longer.

Now there are plenty of good honest politicians, but sadly their integrity is a complete disqualification for positions of power. And the same is true for honest doctors and scientists, especially those never on TV.

So Tehachapi, if you want to continue fighting among yourselves over politics, remember, politicians are selected, not elected. Vote instead none-of-the above!

Graham Hill, Tehachapi