We're all in a real-time, three-act tragedy play. First, they give us the problem — the virus. Then, they create the reaction — monumental fear and panic that's promoted from the very start. Finally, comes the pre-planned solution — a fast-tracked, no guarantee vaccine that requires all of us to be tracked/monitored and, yes, to surrender what few rights we have left.

But for those in the audience who are starting to see that this apocalyptic drama is a bit too contrived, coincidental, convenient and highly conspiratorial — there have to be a few distractions!

For Michigan, you know the state where the lockdown protesters stormed their capital, well, to keep them all busy, they just happened to get hit by a biblical scale flood.

For everyone else, there is the death of George Floyd that sets off a literal firestorm matched by a flood of looting and vandalism.

Most events see the cameras conveniently out-of-order, but not in this case — this time, it can be seen from all angles in detail.

Sadly, the point is the police, like the military, are always placed in a CATCH-22 situation. Big business is always bailed out, never the small. Protesters invariably protest against the wrong people. They don't storm the castle anymore.

The real civil unrest will come when the BANK$TER$ totally CRA$H the dollar!

Then, looters and even peaceful protesters will be shot on sight and we'll be shot with the vaccine ... the new normal.

Graham Hill, Tehachapi

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