Inspired by the first responders who raced into the Twin Towers on Sept. 11, Kercie Jung wanted to do something to show her support for the brave men and women who put their lives on the line every day.

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While the pandemic thwarted some of their events this summer, the Oak Tree Country Club Women’s Golf Club was still able to hold two of their tournaments. The Eclectic was held in July and offered a fun format for the ladies to just get out and play. In August, the club held its Senior Club …

There have been some incredibly special student-athletes I have had the pleasure of being around during my career. One of them is Hayden Carter, a young man I watched develop from a struggling freshman pitcher out of San Diego, to the No. 1 starter on the 2015 Cal State Bakersfield baseball …

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I have been able to visit nearly every state in this great nation. There are a few remaining, but thanks to my previous life as a vagabond announcer, I’ve covered most of them and have a few tales about each one.

Forgive me in advance for these moments of levity in response to some of the latest COVID-19 “guidelines” relating to youth sports. If your plan is to read this and then accuse me of advocating for the death of the elderly and our vulnerable population, then by all means, please socially dis…

You would think that during a pandemic, when most of the words coming from Sacramento are regulatory in nature and reactionary to the spread of COVID-19, that us outdoorsman-types would be left alone while problems were actually solved. Think again.

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I enjoy being an introspective person, one who can usually think through an issue by turning through a variety of thoughts and feelings within my own mind. There also comes a time when I’m required to be retrospective; I would say celebrating one’s 40th birthday is the appropriate moment.

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Head Coach Gary Adams generously donated his time and talent for the 6th Annual BVS Baseball Camp for boys and girls. The camp was held July 20 through 23 and featured the Hall of Famer himself.

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The California Interscholastic Federation made a much-anticipated announcement Monday that high school athletics in California would take a back seat until at least December, pausing a decades-long tradition of certain annual fall competitions, football most notably, amid the continuation of…

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More than a week earlier than anticipated, the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA) announced they were adopting their “contingency plan” as laid out earlier this year for the upcoming athletic competition in 2020-21 in response to COVID-19.

Since we are still under a mandated lockdown in regard to sports, there have been plenty of archived games, classic broadcasts and much more being showcased on TV and the internet. Even yours truly has been forced to dig deep into my mental archive to fill these pages each week with a story,…

We need the game now more than ever, but, for reasons somewhat beyond its control, the game is not here. Some have talked about returning, some balk at proposals to do so. But please read the room: We need the game back in our lives to provide the much-needed and valuable distractions from o…

One of the many victims of COVID-19 has been the impact to youth sports. Seasons were abruptly ended or never started as mid-March rolled around. As it stands now, there is not much of a chance that things like youth baseball or softball will start up anytime soon. Some hold out hope for som…

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I’m completely spit-balling here, so do not use the following as gospel. However, I’m beginning to believe we should be more and more prepared for any possible solution to aid in the return of prep sports in the fall. As I mentioned last week in my conversation with Tehachapi High School hea…

There is no mistaking the fact that the future of sports in 2020 is one in limbo in the midst of COVID-19. Doug DeGeer, head football coach of the Tehachapi Warriors, is working through the odd process of preparing for the fall season, without much guidance on what that looks like.

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Roughly estimated, I traveled more than half a million miles during my former broadcast tenure. When one takes to the skies and roadways as frequently as I did, there are bound to be hiccups, mishaps and plain bad luck along the way.

In the midst of the coronavirus-predicated shutdown of life as we know it, there have been plenty of moments of reflection in the athletic world. We’re not seeing new sports; we’re watching old games, replays, documentaries and whatever possible to pass the time and remember things the way t…

When I was a ballplayer, I hated rainouts. I still remember my first one as a Little Leaguer and my manager having to explain “football players play in the rain; baseball players play in the shine.” Still didn’t make it easier to accept not playing the game you cared about.

As we come to terms with our new reality, the notion of remembering our favorite moments as it relates to our love of sports becomes more important. This past week that was made official with the launch of the “Roadrunner Classics” radio series, with yours truly at the helm.

It’s been requested recently that I recall some of my greatest front-row-seat sports memories in a project to aid some of my former colleagues in the sports world. Without games to broadcast or new sports content to report about, times are thin. More to come on this project once it becomes o…

Maybe you’ve heard it this past week as times grow increasingly uncertain. Maybe someone close to you has heard it as well as our response to novel coronavirus ramps up. Not everybody can hear it; matter of fact, a very select audience that are members of the fraternity of the Tehachapi Warr…

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Twenty-seven students from Tehachapi Mountain Bike team competed in a cross-country mountain bike race the weekend of March 7 and 8. Tehachapi brought home a fifth and second place finish on top of many top finishers.

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What an exciting Bulldogs basketball season we had this year. All the teams participated in the Bear Mountain League Tournament and all four teams made a championship game, with the seventh girls and boys winning titles! The eighth grade girls were runners-up, and the eighth grade boys lost …

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Friday, March 13, was supposed to serve as both the home and Southeast Yosemite League opener for Tehachapi Warrior baseball. But instead, the field at the corner of Snyder and Anita sat silent.

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The Lady Warriors soccer team concluded its season this past week with an awards banquets recognizing South Yosemite League and team awards. With five freshmen, two sophomores, five juniors, and six seniors, the team had 20 games, one tournament, one canceled tournament due to snow, one play…

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Perfect 10’s competitive boys team competed at the SCMGA North Conference Championships on Feb. 16 at Victory Gymnastics in Newbury Park. Twelve of Perfect 10’s boys team members met the qualifying placement to be eligible to compete at state championships. The Level 5-10 Division 1 state ch…

The Tehachapi Warrior softball team had a busy week, playing a total of four games in the annual North Lead-Off softball tournament, hosted by North High School in Bakersfield.

I understand there is a plaque at the spot where Orville and Wilber made their first flight.

The late Kobe Bryant won an Academy Award for his short film titled "Dear Basketball." It was a love story of sorts, chronicling the moment he fell in love with the sport, its ups, its downs and what he was able to garner from his career in the game he loved.

Tehachapi High School Lady Warrior fans will have one more opportunity to see three talented seniors compete under the Tehachapi banner at the Kern County Girl’s High School Basketball All-Star game March 18 at Centennial High School.

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Following a three-game winning streak and run production that averaged over 10 runs per game in that stretch, the Tehachapi High School Warriors lost their second-straight game last week 9-3 at Burroughs High School in Ridgecrest.

The Tehachapi Warrior Booster Club would like to congratulate the Tehachapi High School Cheerleading squad for their second-place finish at the 2020 Spirit Nationals in Anaheim.

Tehachapi Valley Wrestling Club had a busy weekend Feb. 22 and 23. They started the big weekend off with the CVYWA Masters competition at Corcoran, which combined qualifiers from the North and South Valley events.