The Golden Valley league outcome for the Gryphons 2002 Girls team was decided Saturday with a 2-1 win against the New Image Premier 2002 Girls team. This win was the Gryphons 2002 Girls team's eighth win in a row. The Gryphons 2002 Girls team had 38 goals this season and only allowed 13 goals on 3 shutouts.

During Saturday’s game, Rachel Miller scored both goals for the Gryphons 2002 Girls team, narrowly missing completing a hat trick with a third goal in the second half. Although Miller was the one who scored, the entire team's passing abilities set her up to put them in the back of he net.

“This is my first league championship coaching a club soccer team. These girls have been playing club soccer for me for three years now and all their hard work, dedication and practice paid off huge this fall season," Coach Josh Tyree said of the season. "I knew we were getting better and better with each spring or fall season, and the girls were clicking into the system. I just can’t believe we won our league. That’s a huge deal when competing against club teams from much bigger cities. I’m so proud of these girls and I can’t wait to see what these girls can do this year for the varsity Warriors high school team.”

The Gryphons 2007 Girls team also played on Saturday. Coach Chesalon Gracian said, “We were unlucky this weekend. We were down a few of our starters and just couldn't seem to get and contain the ball on the offensive side of the field. Just some minor things we will need to tweak and push through to hopefully change that.” The Gryphons 2007 Girls team challenged all game long but lost to a Santa Clarita United team 5-0.

The Gryphons 06 Boys team rebounded this week with a great performance considering the last time they played the Dynamo 06, they lost 13-0. This last weekend's game the boys put up a huge fight, finishing the game 6-2 on the losing end. Joseph Labit had a breakaway and battled through several defenders and shot from outside the goal box to score the first goal. Teddy Scalcione caught the goalkeeper out of his box to score from 30 yards out for the second goal. Leo Gonzalez had a great performance in the goal with many awesome saves.

The Gryphons 05 Girls team and Gryphons 04 Boys team topped off the weekend both winning their Sunday games. Hannah Tyree had two beautiful crosses into the box in which one was put into the back of the net by Kennedy Cimental and the other was put into the back of the net by Taitlyn Kingsbury. The Gryphons 05 Girls won their game in a nail-biting last 10 minutes of the game 2-1.

The Gryphons 04 Boys team played a Bakersfield Blades club team on Sunday and won 4-2. Brandon Zacharias Villa scored two goals in the game. Gabe Cardenas and Patrick Scalione scored the other two goals for the Gryphons 04 Boys team. Patrick Scalione also had three assists on the day.

Josh Tyree is the Gryphons Club president.

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