Lady Warriors soccer (5).jpeg

The Lady Warriors soccer team proved itself with a 6-0 season.

Just like any other sports team this year, when given the green light to play, Lady Warriors soccer jumped at the opportunity. We were told that we had to have a smaller team and a shortened season. No problem. As long as there was an opportunity, we would give it a try.

The SSL would let us join their league this year and we were going to play each team twice against McFarland, Wasco and Taft, with a friendly game against Graces. Once our team was made, we only had two practices before our first match.

The ladies proved they were ready with a 6-0 victory. They continued the entire season going undefeated in league. Their only loss came in a friendly game against Garces Memorial High School. The ladies were able to score 28 goals in six league games and was only scored on twice.

Returning players Riley Daubert and Kailey Kolesar contributed to those numbers with seven goals each. Freshman Hannah Tyree also contributed with several goals and assists. With a small team, every single player played her heart out.

I was super proud of every lady who came out and gave it her all. This year's team consisted of: freshmen Giselle Cardenas, Bethany Sierra, Hannah Tyree, Kate Backhaus and Kennedy Cimental. Sophomores Morgan Schwartz, Kailey Kolesar and Sophie Schulstad. Juniors Karla Carrasco, Emily Ecklind, Lilian Ledezma and Taylor Dees. Seniors Emily Schwartz and Captains Riley Daubert and Iliana Ledezma. Head Coach this year was Tyson Kingsbury.