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Bill Hawley, Carl Brooks, Bob Bonino and Todd Hurst pose at the 11th tee at Oak Tree Golf course on March 3 during the plaque dedication commemorating the Holes in One that Bonino and Brooks hit while playing in the same foursome last July.

I understand there is a plaque at the spot where Orville and Wilber made their first flight.

The same can be said about the spot where the last railroad spike was installed to connect the intercontinental railroad.

Great achievements should be recognized. Marked forever so we never forget. A place of inspiration for all who pass, to remind us that history was made at that very same spot.

Well, now there is a place right here on the eleventh tee box of the Bear Valley golf course. A spot where lightning struck twice within minutes of each other. A rare event that was marked with a plaque.

On July 30, 2019, Bob Bonino aced the par three with a nine iron; before the celebration of this achievement had barely begun, it was matched by a towering wedge shot to the same hole by his playing partner, Carl Brooks. Two holes in one right on top of each other. The odds of this happening are said to be 17 million to 1. To make this more amazing, both guys are in their seventies. I think it's safe to say in a cosmic sense this was in the making for more than 140 years.

On Tuesday, March 3, Jim McCormick, representing the OTMGC, met with a group of a dozen or so die-hard fans to unveil a bronze plaque mounted on a large granite stone to commemorate this historic event. We all listened in awe as Bill Hawley and Todd Hurst, who were witnesses, gave their account of the facts.

Afterward, as I’m sure happened when any of these great feats were recognized, we all went to the Mulligan room for coffee and cookies.

On my way home I could only imagine someone in Kitty-Hawk was jealous.

Swing easy.

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